"Simple Lakota verbs/phrases we use in our household. My daughter is 4 years old and is currently a student in the Lakota Language Nest here on Standing Rock. I’m amazed at how much she knows, but also at how hard it is to keep going to pushing ourselves to learn more everyday. Our goal is fluency."  - Alayna Eagle Shield

This is such a cute video of one of the children in the Lakȟól’iyapi Wahóȟpi and her hard working mother!

Here are all the questions/words/commands that are in the video (plus a few just to round out the set):

  • Táku eníčiyapi he?  What do they call you?
  • ____ emáčiyapi.  They call me ____.
  • Nilákȟota he?  Are you Lakota?
  • Háŋ, malákȟota.  Yes, I am Lakota.
  • Ništíŋma he?  Are you sleeping?
  • Háŋ, mštíŋme.  Yes, I am sleeping.
  • Yétka he?  Are you up?
  • Háŋ, wékta.  Yes, I am up.
  • Hi-yákpažaža he?  Are you brushing your teeth?
  • Háŋ, hi-wákpažaža.  Yes, I am brushing my teeth.
  • Napé yaglúžaža he? (niglúžaža)  Are you washing your hands?
  • Háŋ, napé waglúžaža. (miglúžaža)  Yes, I am washing my hands.
  • Ógle kiŋ yéč’uŋ he?  Are you putting on your shirt/coat?
  • Háŋ, ógle kiŋ wéč’uŋ.  yes, I am putting on my shirt/coat.
  • Ógle kiŋ yaglúškoka he?  Are you taking off your shirt/coat?
  • Háŋ, ógle kiŋ waglúšloke.  Yes, I am taking off my shirt/coat.
  • Háŋpa kiŋ yéč’uŋ he?  Are you putting on your shoes?
  • Háŋ, háŋpa kiŋ wéč’uŋ.  Yes, I am putting on my shoes.
  • Háŋpa kiŋ yaglúškola he?  Are you taking off your shoes?
  • Háŋ, háŋpa kiŋ waglúšloke.  Yes, I am taking off my shoes.
  • Loyáčhiŋ he?  Are you hungry?
  • Háŋ, lowáčhiŋ.  Yes, I am hungry.
  • Wayáta he?  Are you eating?
  • Háŋ, wawáte.  Yes, I am eating.
  • Íniphi he?  Are you full?
  • Háŋ, ímaphi.  Yes, I am full.
  • Ínipuza he?  Are you thirsty?
  • Háŋ, ímapuze.  Yes, I am thirsty.
  • Wakšíča kiŋ lužáža he?  Are you washing the dishes?
  • Háŋ, wakšíča kiŋ blužáža.  Yes, I am washing the dishes.
  • Niglúštaŋ he?  Are you finished?
  • Háŋ, miglúštaŋ.  Yes, I am finished.
  • Yaškáta he?  Are you playing?
  • Háŋ, waškáte.  Yes, I am playing.
  • Wayáčhi he?  Are you dancing?
  • Háŋ, wawáčhi.  Yes, I am dancing.
  • Yalówaŋ he?  Are you singing?
  • Walówaŋ.  Yes, I am singing.
  • Wíluškiŋ he?  Are you happy?
  • Háŋ, wíbluškiŋ.  Yes, I am happy.
  • Čhaŋténišiča he?  Are you sad?
  • Háŋ, čhaŋtémašiče.  Yes, I am sad.
  • Ničháŋzeka he?  Are you angry?
  • Háŋ, mačháŋzeke.  Yes, I am angry.
  • Iyáȟaȟa he?  Are you laughing?
  • Háŋ, iwáȟaȟa.  Yes, I am laughing.
  • Yačhéya he?  Are you crying?
  • Háŋ, wačhéye.  Yes, I am trying.
  • Thečhíȟila.  I love you.
  • Thečhíȟilapi.  I love you all.
  • Philámayaye.  Thank you.
  • Philámayayapi.  Thank you all.
  • Kíkta ye/yo!  Wake up!
  • Čhuŋkší  Daughter
  • Čhiŋkší  Son
  • Iná  Mother
  • Até  Father

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